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Rockin' Radio

Here at Rockin' Radio we have some of the best and most knowledgeable DJs in the world!

Let's introduce you to them now.....



Randy Tivens had been doing a taped version of his RLT ARCHIVES MUSIC MAGAZINE for over 25 years when internet radio began in the late 1990's. He spent time at another internet oldies station and then decided to put Rockin' Radio on the air! He has a vast collection of music and loves sharing it! He founded Rockin' Radio in 1999.

RLT sfv  at g mail dot com

Jason Stone 2019 pic.jpg

Jason Stone joined up as a regular on the station in Sept., 2012. His "Get on Down with the Stepfather of Soul" show had been heard for years on his blog site of the same name. Believe me, they don't call him the "Stepfather of Soul" for nothing!

jasonstone60643 at gmail dot com 


Rockin' Radio is the only place to hear

Brian Phillips!

His great show, the Electro-Phonic Sound of

BRIAN PHILLIPS, debuted in Sept. of 2005 on Rockin' Radio.

LuciusCyrene at gmail dot com

Mark Brainard and Randy T have been friends forever. Mark has a VERY extensive record collection (as do all our DJs) and he loves sharing the music of his albums.  See how deep he goes as he presents to you and the world, DEEP ALBUM TRAX
               mabwon at aol dot com
Jim E Night.png

Jim E. Night, Dr. Doc Brown, Joe Stax, Chesty and the rest of their gang perform their antics in Pennsylvania. The Lost Discs Radio Show came to us here at Rockin’ Radio in 2009 after 8 solid years at shortwave giant WBCQ, The Planet in Monticello, Maine.  Their special brand of music and humor is enjoyed the world over!   

LostDiscsRadio at yahoo dot com

Dr Doc Brown (Don Johnson).JPG

Dr. Doc Brown

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