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Rockin' Radio

Here are some fabulous places to go to hear more music; much like you hear on Rockin' Radio!

If you like your rock and roll rare but well done, check out these recommended favorites!

DOO WOP CAFE RADIO--Probably one of the best stations online playing ONLY Doo Wop. It's got a variety of wonderful DJs who are very nice and love their music. They cover the genre beautifully.   Find it here: 


LOST DISCS RADIO SHOW--Formerly broadcasting over shortwaver WBCQ, The Planet, this show plays a very wild and crazy variety of oldies. You can find Jim E. Night and Dr. Doc Brown right here on Rockin' Radio! Check out their website:

DAVE THE RAVE--From what we know, Dave is a guy from New Jersey who has in excess of 100,000 45s from the 1960s alone!  What does he do with all that music? Just what WE do, he SHARES it online at He jocks the music as we do so you know just what you are hearing. He plays lots of those "bottom 60 songs" from the hot 100 as we do too. 

STREET CORNER RADIO SHOW with Steve Fox--Here's another great online show that has the right idea--just play some nice doo wop and jock the songs so you can figure out what you're hearing. Steve does about as good a doo wop show as anyone around and his shows are archived at his site. He told us that he has "been in radio for a long time, but never had the chance to play 50's group harmony. It's a dream come true and a labor of love."  That's what we like to hear! You'll find Steve and his shows at:


ECHO VALLEY--On our station we like our music "rare, but well done."  If you like your music a little sweeter, with lots of sugar and bubblegum we have the place for you--ECHO VALLEY. This is a great one hour podcast featuring Bruce "Professor Bubblegum" Frey, who walks you through tons of sugary treats from the late 60s and early 70s--the era for Bubblegum pop music. It's a real sweet treat for the ears and you can find the good Professor at two is the blog featuring ALL the shows, and another is the podcast page featuring the latest podcasts:     and/or



BEATLE SECTION: If you LOVE the Beatles and have to hear them 24/7, just try out some of these great Beatle stations/shows:

BEATLE BRUNCH with Joe Johnson--We had the great fortune to meet Joe at Fest for Beatles Fans '07 in Las Vegas. His nationally syndicated show is one of the best of its kind. Check out his website at: for more information. Acknowledged to be one of theee best 24/7 Beatle stations online, this station plays ALL BEATLES, ALL THE TIME, along with some Beatle-related groups and songs as well. And to top it off, the station eminates from (where else?) LIVERPOOL, England. What more could you want? Find it at

SURFING MUSIC- If you LOVE surfing tunes as much as WE do, check this station out.

Surf Rock Radio. You'll find it here:

More fun stuff

If you like reading about the culture and texture of the late 1950s and early 1960s era which spawned all that great music, check out Kip Pullman's tribute to the greatest film exhibiting that culture---Kip's American Graffiti Page.  There you'll find one of the best pages of its kind on the internet. It is a celebration of the film "American Graffiti."  Check it out 


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